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GTV ( used to be called Global TV ) is a national private television station that is popular with excellent outdoor films and is also popular in Indonesia. Starting from a local television station in Jakarta, Streaming Global TV later distributed broadcasts to 5 other major cities. Originally, GTV only showed programs from MTV Indonesia. But in 2005, GTV began to show its own show.

GTV now has broadcast rights over the most prestigious racing league in the world, Formula 1 after previously Formula 1 broadcasting rights were owned by TPI (now MNCTV), iNews and Kompas TV, and racing championships between countries, A1. Both of these events were broadcast on GTV alone. GTV also has broadcast rights in the Euro 2008 soccer event, along with Streaming RCTI and MNCTV. The current President Director of GTV was taken over by David Fernando Audy who replaced the position of Daniel Tatang Hartono. GTV became the official broadcasting rights of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and subsequently,

GTV and MNCTV aired the English Premier League during the 2010-11 season until 2012-13. GTV has also aired European football leagues other than the Premier League namely La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A. GTV TV Online has had broadcasting rights in the Indonesian Prima League soccer event, along with RCTI and MNCTV. In 2011, GTV became the official SEA Games 2011 broadcasting rights and GTV also presented films such as Ipman, Jetli.