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Trans TV is a national private television show in Indonesia owned by Trans Media and is quite popular and popular and this show is the only show that presents 2018 world cup. With the Milik Kita Bersama logo, the concept of broadcasting this station is no different from other private stations . Trans TV is a descendant of a company from Trans Media. The head office of the Trans TV station is in Trans TV Building, Jalan Kapten Pierre Tendean, South Jakarta. The current Director of Trans TV is Atiek Nur Wahyuni ​​who also has the Director of Trans7. Exactly In 2017, Trans TV already has broadcast rights in the 2018 Russian World Cup soccer event, along with Streaming Trans7 and Transvision. [1]

The first logo of Trans TV at this time was the initial broadcast that was used from August 1, 1998 to December 15, 2001. Furthermore, this logo was used as the company's logo until December 15, 2005 The Trans TV logo used on television screens from November 10, 2001 to December 15, 2013
The second Trans TV logo used from December 15, 2001 to December 15, 2005Trans Media Office in the capital city of Jakarta

Trans TV was able to obtain a broadcast permit to be exact on August 1, 1998. Trans TV Free was officially announced to be broadcast on November 10, 2001 but there were still a number of initial broadcasts, Trans TV had already established its TV Relay Station in Jakarta and Bandung. The initial broadcast starts from a presenter who greets viewers at 17.51 ​​WIB. Trans TV then first published and at the same time was inaugurated by President Megawati Soekarnoputri since December 15, 2001 at around 19:00 WIB, Trans TV officially began broadcasting. and this show contains news, footage, cartoons, and many more.