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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Watch Streaming TV Bola Online O Chanel - Liga 1 Indonesia

Streaming O Chanel was first built by MRA Media Group and Emtek with 50% ownership each, with the start of the trial show precisely on August 2, 2004. after that the channel was re-opened on June 16, 2005. but unfortunately in 2007 , the MRA inaugurated to sell the remaining 50% shares to the emtek company so that the 100% channel was officially controlled by the EMTEK to date.

O channel was very focused on broadcasting quality lifestyle and entertainment programs. but now o the channel broadcasts league 1 Indonesia and certainly very exciting. and o channels also include highly qualified television shows and channels that also have the uniqueness and excellent ability of their set-up. Its function is to help broadcast their programs.

And the most important goal of the channel is to produce the best and latest standards for the world of television and the aim is to focus and attract the hearts of the Jakarta community and provide a different alternative for home viewers.