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Tv Online tv One (formerly named Lativi) is a national television station that only shows the news and most popular in Indonesia. Initially this station was named Lativi, this television station was published on 30 July 2002 by Abdul Latief and owned by ALatief Corporation. At that time, the concept of compiling the program highlighted many occult problems, eroticism, crime news and some other light entertainment. Since 2006, a portion of its shares are also owned by the Bakrie Group which also owns ANTV television stations.

On February 14, 2008, Lativi was officially renamed tvOne, with a composition of 70 percent of the news, the rest combined sports and entertainment programs. Abdul Latief is no longer in stock ownership of TVOne. The composition of TVOne's shareholdings consists of PT Visi Media Asia Tbk for 49%, PT Redal Semesta 31%, Good Response Ltd 10%, and Promise Result Ltd 10%. The current director of tv One Streaming is Ahmad R Widarmana.