Privacy Policy

Of course your privacy is very important to us , And To Be Able To Protect Your Privacy More We Have Provided Or Presented These Notices To Explain That How To Information Or News Gathered And Used. Well To Find This Notice Of course Very Easy , Even We Make It Available On Our Homepage.

Media Advertising
If you visit this site, surely you will find an ad site provided by Google Adsense. Google Adsense Is A Third Party Ad Vendor. And to use cookies to install or place advertisements on this site. The use of cookies by Google can be concluded they serve advertisements to visitors based on their visit to this website.

You can even see privacy policy which has been implemented by Google AdSense by visiting the following link : we do not have rights Or authority over privacy policy by Google AdSense and for our advertisements on the Web declare Obedient and Comply with Google Adsense Rules and privacy policies.

Collect Personal Data
When Someone Visits this Site or Web , The IP address that you use will be recorded in full with the date and time of the visit.For news or information summarized Or Get Only Used For Statistics Visitor Behavior And Analysis To This Web Or To Other Internet Sites.

And we also will not share these data with other parties with reasons as well as any goals. And the other most important thing is Aiming only for collecting IP addresses only And it is not connected with other personal property data that you have.

The Meaning Of Links To Other Sources
On This Site Or Website There may be multiple links to External Sources , Now the goal is to complete the news and information. Add Sources of Posts or Pictures To be more complete For Visitors Who Visit This Site Feel comfortable and not disappointed. The Things You Must Look For Are , That We Are Not Responsible privacy policy Which Affects Or Applies to the Blog / Web. So, the conclusion Is First you must pay attention to privacy policy What applies to that location.

Changes to privacy policy
Privacy policy We Can Change Its Content Whenever We Want. And with no prior notice to visitors to our web site. And if you have questions related to privacy policy. You Can Directly Contact Or Send A Message To The Contact We Have Provided By filling in the contact.
All the info we give and thank you